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Physician Profile

Dr. Charles L. Dietzek

Dr. Charles L. Dietzek

Dr. Charles L. Dietzek is a board certified vascular surgeon with over twenty years of experience treating veins.

He practices the full spectrum of vascular surgery including angiography, angioplasty, stents, atherectomy, extremity bypass, aortic aneurysm repair (endovascular stent grafting and formal surgery technique), dialysis access, carotid endarterectomy and wound care.

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You and Your Veins

Beautiful Legs

Millions of American adults suffer from varicose veins, usually as a result of age, heredity, pregnancy, weight gain or physical stress. Their symptoms include the following:

  • Knotty, ropey or bulging leg veins easily visible at the surface of the skin, usually dark red blue or purple in color
  • Legs that itch, burn, ache or throb
  • Legs that tire easily
  • “Restless leg syndrome” that prevents a good night’s sleep


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About Our Practice

Our leading South Jersey vein center is uniquely positioned to treat your varicose veins or other vein problems. When you come to us, you benefit from all the advantages of our vein clinic.

Dr. Dietzek and his professional staff are experts at a wide range of vein treatment approaches, including VNUS Closure (Venefit), Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy, Laser Ablation and Veinwave.

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Five Star ReviewSince having closure in your office in August, I no longer have any pain in my right leg. I am able to walk as long as I like without any discomfort no matter the amount of time nor the distance. The cosmetic change in my leg is just as remarkable

—Susan B. , NJ

Five Star ReviewThanks to Dr Dietzek and his amazing staff for the best experience… my leg looks great!!! I’m definitely showing off this summer.

—Jessica Q, Millville, NJ

Five Star ReviewHad spider veins done about 3 wks ago- most are gone. Just had varicose removed on upper thigh. Procedure went well. Wearing stockings. Will remove bandage tomorrow. Very professional office.

—Joan B. , Voorhees, NJ